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Just got another email from my husband (if you're playing along at home, you know he's been off-line for nearly six years).  The first one (a couple-three years ago) gave me a start, and I even felt the urge to open it because I wanted it to be from my Donald.  Of course, I sent it to the spam folder (or possibly just deleted it).

Another one landed in my inbox today; this one even used "woofy" in the subject line (that would have been what he put in his email contact file).  That is just mean--it was his--and only his--name for me.  *sniffle*

I could probably get his email account deleted, if I could remember what his password was, but I don't.  Since it is probably his Yahoo account, I don't want his ID to disappear from my contact list on Yahoo Messenger, which I still use daily.  I have another deceased contact on that list.  It feels like erasing them completely to delete them--I've only done that for people I no longer have use for, and I don't have that feeling about either of them.  Heck, I still can't throw out some of his clothes.  Of course, I wore some of his shirts a lot when he was living, and still do sometimes, only now it feels a little bit like keeping him nearby.

I don't dwell, only sometimes does missing him hit the surface, and I can set it aside fairly easily.  That's OK.  Anything else means I've forgotten him and that will never happen.  I just wish the Yahoo-cracking bots would leave his account alone, y'know?
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