Donald E. McCracken
March 23, 1946-October 3, 2008

He went down fighting in the early hours of October 3, 2008.  His wife, Ruth, and his son, Kevin, his sisters Brenda and Beverley, our families and friends, all the people he touched with his humor and care will miss him most grievously.

He was a big man, and he lived big, with gusto and a style all his own.  Words cannot encompass him, tears cannot do him justice.  He was a gift to us, and his loss leaves us poorer as his life enriched those who knew and loved him.

We will celebrate what he meant to us on October 17, 2008 at St. Louis Cremation, 2135 Chouteau, St. Louis, MO, 63103.

Donate to your favorite charity or cause in his behalf and we will call it good.  He would.

* If I had paid what they wanted to charge, he'd have swarmed out of that urn and choked me on cremains!
and we will celebrate it next Friday, October 17th, from 2-5PM at St. Louis Cremation, 2135 Chouteau, St. Louis MO.

The space is very neutral, and large enough without being overwhelming.  If things go the way my son wishes, there will be a military honors service at 3, but we're not entirely sure yet.  Otherwise, I figure to mill and remember, laugh a bunch, and maybe play some bagpipe music.  Silly frog, loved bagpipes, and we have the CD to prove it.  Somewhere.  Found it!  Y'all are in for SUCH a treat!   *twirls the handle-bar mustaches, just like he would*

With this part is settled, it's time to write something for the paper.  *sigh*  Y'know, I really, really, really wish I didn't have to do this.  It's no fun at all.



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